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With Composite C1 you get the best of both worlds. We offer you a full-fledged feature rich CMS based on the latest Microsoft technology for free as an open source product.

This means that you can be a part of the open source wave and enjoy the benefits of freedom and low cost, but with the security and stability of a professional Microsoft based product.

Customize with free modules

Out of the box Composite C1 is a fully functional CMS that will allow you to easily publish, manage and organize a wide variety of content. We offer a multitude of free modules to extent your solution including SEO assistants and social add-ons, and commercial modules such as newsletter services and full professional support.

Toprated software and community

Our CMS comes highly praised. We have received glowing reviews and are among the five highest ranking CMS based on Microsoft technology. That is why more than 10.000 users around the world are already installed Composite C1 and use it to power everything from small local businesses to international corporations. Together they form a strong community that provide additional support and makes sure that stability and offerings are competitive.

Everyone wins

But the best part of Composite C1 is that nobody has to compromise. We have created a CMS to cater for diverse needs so nobody feels left out or overlooked. Everyone from designer to backender will feel right at home in Composite C1. Click on the role you identify with below to see why Composite C1 is the best CMS for you.

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